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Created and Sold by Jana Liptak

Jana Liptak

Burrowing Owl - Street Murals

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Jana Liptak's mural can be found embellishing a storefront for the Audubon Mural Project on 145th and Broadway in Harlem, NYC. It depicts two Burrowing Owls that are tilting their heads.

Item Burrowing Owl
Created by Jana Liptak
Jana Liptak
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
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"born in tucson. escaped the heat into a vibrant fantasy life. graduated from the university of arizona in 2003 with a b.a. in media arts and film studies. delivered pizzas. moved to western washington state. counted salmon. became the proud owner of a pair of wetlands camo neoprene chest waders. moved to seattle. painted murals with kids. delivered more pizzas. baked pastries. sold the waders. moved to edinburgh, scotland. made art in large quantities. ate haggis. bartended at the private policemen's club. traveled throughout europe and north africa. graduated from the edinburgh college of art in 2008 with an mfa in painting. moved to the scottish highlands. made art with kids. moved to southern india. learned to cook vegetarian tamil curries. developed a love of ladyfingers. not the cookie. the okra. made lots more art. traveled extensively throughout southern asia and europe. moved to new york city at the end of 2009. freelanced. binded books. painted things. became a union girl. met some movie stars. painted lots of murals. "