Created and Sold by Federico “Iena Cruz” Massa

Federico “Iena Cruz” Massa
Street Murals by Federico “Iena Cruz” Massa seen at 432 West 163rd Street, New York - Tricolored Heron

Tricolored Heron

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At 432 West 163rd Street, passionate graffiti artist based in Milan, Italy Federico “Iena Cruz” Massa created a massive mural called Tricolored Heron. It portrays the beautiful and vivid environment that has been under threat due to climate change. He used layers of spray paint and stenciling that, while dream-like and fantastical, hide a sad message of extinction. These important birds and other creatures have an uncertain future in the current ecosystem. The mural aims to increase awareness that can hopefully hinder their extinction.

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Federico “Iena Cruz” Massa

Meet the Creator

"Federico “Iena Cruz” Massa was born in Milan, Italy in 1981. In 2006, he graduated with a degree in Set Design from The Academy of Fine Arts, Brera.

A passion for graffiti was first evident in childhood, as he had a tendency to scribble his name all over the walls of his Milan apartment. A habit that, while not pleasing to his mother, set the stage for his life’s vocation in art.

Inspired by California skateboard culture and brands like Santa Cruz, in the 1990s Massa took to the streets with the alias “Cruz.” Tagging all over the streets of Milan, he grew to love the rebellious spirit of the graffiti world, especially the adrenaline rushes of painting on moving trains. Moving away from the graffiti style and into Street Art, he began using the symbol of a hyena (Iena). He related to its ability to appear laughing, no matter the circumstances. The alias “Cruz” more frequently became “Iena Cruz”."

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