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Created and Sold by Fauna Graphic

Fauna Graphic

Nature Fairy - Street Murals

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A mural art collaboration between Fauna Graphic, Rocket01, and EON75 at 460 Larkin Street in San Francisco. It illustrates a beautiful nature-fairy with a bird and other small creatures that make a difference together with the color combination used for this eye-catching artwork.

Item Nature Fairy
Created by Fauna Graphic
As seen in 460 Larkin St, Downtown, San Francisco, CA
Fauna Graphic
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
"I am a freelance Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, specializing in Spraypainting and creating murals of all types. I paint for myself as an individual, focusing on topics of nature and environmental awareness mostly. I also paint commissions for business, events, promotional campaigns and teach spraypaint to the next generation in Schools.

My Graffiti journey began in 2006, and since then has become a passion, traveling to paint in different locations and countries alongside my partner who is also a graffiti artist Rocket01.

Inspiration: Nature, Wildlife, the cosmos. Birds are a favorite subject and the smaller creatures which make a bigger difference to our existence than we think. "