Street Murals by Fauna Graphic seen at 460 Larkin St, Downtown, San Francisco - Nature Fairy
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Item Nature Fairy
Created by Fauna Graphic
As seen in 460 Larkin St, Downtown, San Francisco, CA

Nature Fairy

Street Murals by Fauna Graphic, as seen in 460 Larkin St, Downtown, San Francisco, CA

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A mural art collaboration between Fauna Graphic, Rocket01, and EON75 at 460 Larkin Street in San Francisco. It illustrates a beautiful nature-fairy with a bird and other small creatures that make a difference together with the color combination used for this eye-catching artwork.

Meet the Creator

Fauna Graphic

Fauna Graphic

Sheffield, United Kingdom

"I am a freelance Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, specializing in Spraypainting and creating murals of all types. I paint for myself as an individual, focusing on topics of nature and environmental awareness mostly. I also paint commissions for business, events, promotional campaigns and teach spraypaint to the next generation in Schools.

My Graffiti journey began in 2006, and since then has become a passion, traveling to paint in different locations and countries alongside my partner who is also a graffiti artist Rocket01.

Inspiration: Nature, Wildlife, the cosmos. Birds are a favorite subject and the smaller creatures which make a bigger difference to our existence than we think. "

Available for commission/custom work