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Created and Sold by Rachel E Millar

Rachel E Millar

Glasgow Zine Library Signwriting - Signage

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Fascia and temporary window painting for GZL – a community-based zine library in Glasgow's south side, with a year round programme of events including Glasgow Zine Festival. Design and illustration by Josh Peter.

Item Glasgow Zine Library Signwriting
Created by Rachel E Millar
As seen in Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Rachel E Millar
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Rachel E Millar is a signwriter (or signpainter) and lettering artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. She specialises in designing and painting lettering by hand – large or small, interior or exterior, on shop fronts, on walls and almost any other surface. She works somewhere between design, art and craft, fusing traditional techniques with contemporary design. She also works on her own artwork and collaborations with a range of other creatives. Her own work experiments with colour and perspective and has been exhibited in the UK and the USA.