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Inverted Arches in Gold

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““Inverted Arches in Gold”” is an original commission by Brooklyn-based artist Rachel Mica Weiss. The soaring installation combines custom-dyed nylon ropes and powder-coated steel to create a work that reveals new qualities at every vantage point.

Artist Statement from Rachel Mica Weiss:
When developing this - or any - installation, I first start in the space and how people move through it. For this atrium, I envisioned something dynamic, that would change and shift as people walked from the outside of the building through the revolving door, and underneath the work. Because the work is viewable from every angle, I wanted to create an installation that allowed viewers to discover some new quality or form from each vantage point. As people move around the work, there is this sense of solidity to the panels, but as one keeps moving, they open again and the spaces between the ropes emerge again, making it open and airy.

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