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Tiffany Matheson
Sculptures by Tiffany Matheson at Pirate: Contemporary Art, Lakewood - Wall Flower

Wall Flower - Sculptures


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The ironically titled wall [FLOWERS], as they are anything but their namesake, is a sculptural installation consisting of sixteen individual flowers, the design of which was focused on math, physics and symmetry. At first glance, the flowers seem entirely machine fabricated and perfect, but on closer inspection small elements of human interaction become evident, blurring the line between the natural and the unnatural.

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Tiffany Matheson
Meet the Creator
Inventor of sculpture, installation, performance and public art.

I am an incredibly inquisitive dreamer with a deep love for discovery and exploration. Having a formal education in biology, I conceptualize as a scientist and generate work through the creative filter of an artist. Multisensory engagement has an immense impact on my interpretation of the world, resulting in the regular integration of sensational elements into my designs. Texture, color, light, sound, temperature, scent, vestibular perception and proprioception play important roles individually or in concert, inviting participation with interactive pieces or immersion into encompassing environments. I greatly enjoy inventing optical illusions and embedding hidden elements tucked away for the most curious to find. While much of my work is strikingly colorful, playful and lighthearted, I occasionally create visceral, destructive, monochromatic pieces, and I appreciate working on projects that promote dialog around current social or environmental issues.