Sculptures by Peter Vial seen at Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Amsterdam - ‘REFLECTIONS’
Sculptures by Peter Vial seen at Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Amsterdam - ‘REFLECTIONS’


A series of 8 sculptures about love and powerlessness in the present-day world.
At the start of 2015 I embarked upon a series of sculptures expressing how I experience the
world as it is today. I won’t deny that I’m worried about recent developments in
humanitarian, religious, ecological and economic areas. We’re able to do more things than
ever before, but every new development creates its own concomitant problems. It’s a
dynamic which doesn’t seem to have an end, and humanity seems to be trapped inside it.
It’s the trap of man’s evolution, or so it seems. We’re reacting to our own mirror image.
This series represents the dialectics inherent in the great human themes. Themes that have
been captured in stone, but which are full of energy, colour and power to break through this
impossible deadlock after all. Or at least: to reflect on it.
Material & use of colour:
The sculptures are assembled from aerated concrete, masonry paint and various types of
The colours used get their meaning from their theme:
• Black and white: contrasts, dialectics
• Red: love, life, but also blood/death
• Mirror glass: reflection, feedback, but also self-glorification.

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'Watch from your gut, listen to your soul'