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Owen Morrel
Sculptures by Owen Morrel seen at Texas Tech University, Lubbock - Astrolabe


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Owen Morrel's “Astrolabe" (stainless steel, mirror and aluminum;
10’ x 10’ x 10’; 2014) is based loosely on the astrolabe, a primitive instrument for navigation harkening back to the beginning of science, around 200 BC. The astrolabe was used prior to the sextant for calculating latitude and the altitude of heavenly bodies. But unlike the original astrolabe, which was an instrument designed to orient navigators to the stars, this one, on the campus of Texas Tech University, asks the viewer to reorient the mind within a constructed landscape through the act of seeing.

It is puzzle-like and requires the viewer to be active, to walk around the piece in an effort to discover what is happening and how it works formally and visually, not necessarily to solve a riddle in a linear and rational fashion. This piece asks the viewer to accept the totality of the experience as irrational, unfamiliar, challenging and irreducible.

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Owen Morrel

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Since I began my career, I have been creating works to enhance the quality of life for urban dwellers by engaging them as active participants in an unfamiliar and puzzling anomaly in the environment. I aim to precipitate questioning on the way routine and conditioning effect acts of perception. So, I invent ways to surprise, excite and challenge the minds eye by creating space within each sculpture, where an act of discovery can occur. Accessibility to a wide audience is directly addressed through the universal language of form and archetypal imagery. This imagery connects humans to each other by relating to our commonalities. Although I am concerned with bringing people together, the work allows everyone to visit the site and depart with one’s own interpretation and a personal connection to the experience. The iconic quality of my sculpture highlights community pride and unity in diversity, thus transforming sites into memorable and enduring destinations.”

Owen Morrel is an active sculptor and public artist born in Amityville, New York in 1950.

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