Created and Sold by Oleg Lobykin

Oleg Lobykin

Park La Brea Playground Sculpture

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Encircled by palm trees lining the outdoor grounds of Park La Brea, a fossil-like sculpture of a saber-tooth cat emerges, half-sunken, from a sandy floor. These sculptures were made by Russian sculptor Oleg Lobykin. To the passers-by and the public imagination, this skeletal sculpture injects a modern, iconic interpretation of natural history into the realm of unusual public artwork. It also invites the viewers to touch, explore, and discover its disjointed features.

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Oleg Lobykin

Meet the Creator

"Oleg Lobykin (Russian, b. 1966) is a sculptor. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Lobykin now resides in Silicon Valley and also specializes in the restoration of landmark architecture and sculpture.

Oleg has roots in a tradition of the old work craft of stone carving yet considers himself “an international man and product of globalization.” He defies labels and strives to show how old and new, timeless and contemporary, familiar and unexpected elements can combine to reveal hidden truths. His work explores connections between what is known and emerging insights about the nature of life. He is a sculptor interested in conceptual art and likes to use modern tools and technology as an opportunity to reach new heights.

Lobykin exhibits in the San Francisco Bay Area and has completed a number of projects in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Japan. Clients have included Stanford University, The Presidio Trust, The City of Cupertino, The City of San Jose, Cathedral Stoneworks Inc., The Denver Public Library, Yale University, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Cloisters), The Cathedral Church St. John the Divine, The Jewish Museum NYC, Alabama Limestone Co., & Artists and Architects."