Sculptures by Nick van Woert seen at Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel, Miami Beach - Pebble
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Brooklyn-based Nick Van Woert created "Pebble" for the swimming pool at Miami Beach's Nautilus hotel. The sculpture is a playful reference to a small stone one might find on the beach, but cast in bronze and enlarged to monumental proportions, it becomes a gleaming, gargantuan geode (or, if you’re hungry, a giant-sized popcorn kernel) that greets visitors at the pool patio.

With a degree in architecture, van Woert explores his obsession with material in works that often riff on art history. Polyurethane resin and plaster mingle with more unconventional, scavenged materials—like cat litter and orange soda—in sculptures that take shape as wall-mounted reliefs, freestanding amorphous forms, and reimagined classical figures.