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Created and Sold by Nick Petronzio

Nick Petronzio

Sway - Sculptures

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Designed and fabricated by Nick Petronzio, Sway was commissioned by Waldorf Astoria for display in front of their newly built hotel located at Beverly Hills. This site-specific sculpture compliments Gensler’s architectural design of the hotel. The artwork references gestures of organic forms in nature such as the unraveling of a palms seed pod and palm fronds that radiate upwards and outwards. It also captures an ephemeral moment of metamorphosis in nature for viewers to see, experience and reflect upon as they travel by or through the sculptures pathway.

Nick Petronzio
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
Nick Petronzio is a second generation sculptor that began his career in fine art working under the tutelage of his father Robert Petronzio, a sculptor, art teacher and the founder of The Institute Des Beaux Arts in Montreal, Canada.

Acclaimed for his versatility in style and technique coupled with a vast knowledge of materials, the award-wining artist has a sculpture fabrication studio where he collaborates with artists and designers to bring their ideas to fruition. Nick has produced works that range from the reproduction of a Pietro Cipriani bronze sculpture for the J. Paul Getty Museum to several Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Rex and Pluto for Disney’s theme parks worldwide. He has also enlarged and produced several sculptures for celebrated artists including; Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Hymn of Life Tulips’, Vincent Capraro’s ‘Bull fighter’, Tanya Ragir’s ‘Fearless’ and Jim Carrey’s ‘Ayla’, ‘Ceramicus’ and ‘Martian’.

When not in the production studio collaborating with artists, Nick can be found is practicing his art and is expanding his body of art. His personal sculpture work reveals his classical training and understanding of anatomy and gestural movement. The artist captures the human experience and spirit through works that explore the interconnectedness of all things in nature. His fascination with natural forms and mankind’s broad emotional range inspires him to create dynamic and sensitive works that carry a timeless quality.