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Equilibrium | Sculptures by Michael Davis | Bronx County Hall of Justice in Bronx

Created and Sold by Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Equilibrium - Sculptures

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Housed in the edifice of the Bronx County Hall of Justice, 'Equilibrium' raises the issue of citizen responsibility, individual morality and judgment in a democratic society. Made up of Steel, aluminum, LuminOre metal surfacing, glass and stainless steel cable system, this piece was created by Michael Davis.
Upon entering the jury assembly room a mobile-like construction suspends from the vaulted ceiling. A horizontal metal support bar and arc provide a formal base for the conceptual elements that comprise the artwork. Attached below the horizontal support and centered at the figure is a balancing hexagonal weight with words cut into four of its sides–family, community, city, state. Jury participants are able to read the quote from the floor of the assembly room.

Item Equilibrium
Created by Michael Davis