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Merle Axelrad
Sculptures by Merle Axelrad seen at Arcadia Mental Health Center, Arcadia - Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

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“Butterfly Effect" (acrylic paint, fiberglass, polyester; 10' x 16' x 12'6"; 2015) was commissioned by the Arcadia Mental Health Center, and tdepicts a cluster of monarch butterflies. This outpatient mental health clinic is all about change and metamorphosis, and so butterflies was the perfect metaphor.

The sculpture by Merle Axelrad is located in the main entry lobby. Approximately 10,000 butterflies, made from hand-painted and silk-screened materials (vinyl-coated fiberglass and spun polyester), hang from 6 aluminum eucalyptus branches that are located 23 feet above the floor.

According to Merle, he "creates landscapes made from thousands of tiny pieces of fabric. Fragments of woven color and texture are carefully arranged, layered, pinned and sewn together. In my fabric collages, I distill a place to its essence."

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