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Edgy - Sculpture


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Reclaimed redwood on steel plate.
20 x 12 x 4 inches

The sculpture is made from 20+ pieces of end-grain reclaimed redwood, laminated, carved and sanded to create a contrast between the edginess of the outside and the soft and flowing grain lines of the wood. Usually I take small random pieces of wood and laminate them to make a bigger piece. This one is different. I had a large piece of wood, cut it into small pieces (slices) and then glued it back together in a different constellation to highlight the beautiful grain lines of the wood. The wood is finished with linseed oil to bring out the grain and the beautiful natural colors of the wood. It is mounted on a steel plate, that is also finished with “baked in” linseed oil.


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Meet the Creator
Sculptures and abstract wall art from reclaimed wood

Lutz Hornischer is an abstract artist and sculptor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His sculptures and wall art are inspired by nature, life, and the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood he uses. He enjoys the specific challenge of transforming an old and rustic material such as reclaimed redwood into contemporary sculptures and fine art. In his work, he leverages the architectural qualities of the wood by laminating wood boards into larger blocks, sculpting organic shapes, and exploring dynamic grain and natural color patterns. The old wood he is using has scratches, cracks, knots, and other imperfections that are similar to real life. Every piece of wood is like a person, with its unique character, challenges, and strengths. Lutz yearns to give the wood a new life and he hopes his sculptures and wall art inspire people to find new awareness, purpose, and joy in their own life. His art should also set an example that sustainability and re-use of material is not just a necessity, but a beautiful and inspiring part of our existence and future.