Sculptures by Linda Fleming seen at Health Plan of San Mateo, South San Francisco - Phases, 2000
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This artwork found inside the compound of Health Plan of San Mateo
was created by Linda Fleming. Titled Phases, this piece that is made of steel and marbles is surely a head turner to all passersby.

Meet the Creator

Linda Fleming

Linda Fleming

Oakland, CA

"My works hint at the co-existence of the mundane and the cosmological where two realities simultaneously exist including the possibility that the past is also present. The structures are diagrams of thought that provide a glimpse of the strangeness beyond the everyday world; opening a place where thought becomes tangible, history leaves a trace, and information exhales form. Physical sensation and perception are interdependent and I sometimes wonder if what I am seeing is an indication of something outside of what I know or a sudden awareness of the blood vessels coursing through my eyes. Material can never fully communicate thought, which makes these elaborate constructions more poignant in their attempt than they would ever be in their articulateness."

Available for commission/custom work