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Banksias | Sculptures by Kylie Stillman | Westpac Private Bank Sydney in Sydney
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Image credit: Artworks and images courtesy Kylie Stillman

Banksias - Sculptures

Featured In Westpac Private Bank Sydney, Sydney, Australia

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Kylie Stillman 'Banksias (Old Man Banksia, Coastal Banksia, Silver Banksia)' 2010, Hand-cut paper carving Installation, each piece 6,000 sheets of computer paper
In 2009, Stillman was commissioned by Westpac to create an artwork to commemorate the merger of The Westpac Group using materials and inspiration from the organisation's vast archives. The result was 'Banksias (Old Man Banksia, Coastal Banksia, Silver Banksia), 2010'. Using 18,000 individually carved sheets of computer paper stacked atop an old banker's desk. History collides with technology, and man-made processes intersect with nature. The recently obsolete daisy wheel printer paper she has used reminds us of our tenuous hold on the present, while her choice of the native old Man Banksia, coastal banksia and silver Banksia trees as motifs of national iconic status, allude to growth and longevity.

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As a painting student at RMIT during the 90’s Stillman struggled to be inspired by paint found in a tube, she preferred the challenge of finding materials and pigments from the ‘constructed world’ to create an artwork. Best known for her book sculptures and woodcarvings, Stillman uses scalpel blades, jigsaws, sewing materials and drills to alter objects and create negative spaces that depict ‘signs of life’. Birds, plant life and the artist’s own scribbles are frequently used as subject matter. Her inventive artworks draw from both modern art and craft traditions to transform ordinary materials into works of art. The artist says ‘it’s my own form of alchemy – taking something very common and then giving it nobility’.