Sculptures by Kyle Fokken - Artist LLC seen at Union Depot, St. Paul, Saint Paul - The East Friesian Flyer
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Item The East Friesian Flyer
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The East Friesian Flyer is one of the three ‘fantasy trains’ based on the ceramic frieze of the upper walls of the Union Depot Waiting Room in St. Paul. This public art, done by Kyle Fokken, is made from mixed media, found objects, aluminum, welded steel, copper and gold leaf, and paint.

Meet the Creator

Kyle Fokken - Artist LLC

Kyle Fokken - Artist LLC

Minneapolis, MN

"I am a mixed media sculptor who combines atypical imagery into new hybrid sculptures to explore cultural contexts between generations of people.

I use vintage toy and ‘folk art’ aesthetics combined with rough construction as a way to talk about the passing down of cultural values from one generation to the next. At first, my sculpture may look foreign and strange but my craftsmanship and attention to detail capture and hold the interest of the viewer. I use this technique to entice the viewer to look deeper at the work allowing for reflection on greater issues in our society and question what we believe about ourselves."

Available for commission/custom work