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Created and Sold by Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor
Lie Down | Sculptures by Katie Taylor | Lincoln College in Oxford
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Lie Down | Sculptures by Katie Taylor | Lincoln College in Oxford
Lie Down | Sculptures by Katie Taylor | Lincoln College in Oxford
Lie Down | Sculptures by Katie Taylor | Lincoln College in Oxford

Lie Down - Sculptures

Featured In Lincoln College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Starts at $5,000

During the beginning stages of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many Bosnian Muslims were required to wear a white arm band and hang a white flag/sheet on their houses to set them apart from their neighbours. This piece of work is made from strips of white sheets and tablecloths to directly reference this.

Muslim men from women were later separated, boys were often selected and separated based on their height. Boys smaller than 150cm were allowed to remain with their mothers whilst those above 150cm had to leave with their fathers and were certainly sent to their death. This piece of work is hung at exactly 150cm.

The lower section of the work is naturally dyed in coffee. Coffee is a strong symbol of community in Bosnia and Herzegovina . Before the war, citizens would all drink coffee together whether Muslim, Serb or Croat. After the war many Bosnian Muslims attempted to move back to their homes, only to find another family had moved in. They were often offered coffee in their own cups.

The piece of work is the width of human body and extends onto the floor referencing burial / mass graves / shrouds and death. It is titled ‘Lie Down’, the last words spoken to many, before being shot.

During the discovery of mass graves and the search for individual identity within them, Forensic teams exhumed cloth ligatures and blindfolds across all of the mass grave sites at Srebrenica. These ligatures and blind folds were often from the same fabric source and this evidence was used during the Hague trials to show a level of organization and proof of Genocide. All the strips of cloth here are tied as if used for this purpose.

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Katie Taylor
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Sculptural Installation Art

Artist Katie Taylor is a contemporary sculptural installation artist based in Oxford, UK. She has a first class degree in Textiles and is currently studying an MFA at Oxford Brookes University. Fascinated with exploring our place in the world, the fragility of life and death and the precariousness of our existence, often using history and historical research as a basis within her work.

Forensic anthropology and its use to determine individuality is a continuing theme and it’s use in Bosnia as a tool to discover identities within mass graves is a current research project.

Katie works in a variety of media to create sculptural installations that explore the interface between materiality and memory, exploring ideas of how we are remembered beyond death by means of our possessions as well as the conceptual and emotional content of objects.