Phoenicopterus Rex

Sculptures by Josh Zubkoff seen at Burning Man 2017 - Phoenicopterus Rex
Inspired by Don Featherstone’s classic, Phoenicopterus Rex has climbable legs and a sitting area on the back of this massive lawn ornament. This 40-foot tall bubblegum pink flamingo found at the Burning Man 2017 was made from fiberglass and steel by Josh Zubkoff. It aims to draw viewers in so that they may interact with the structure.

Meet the Creator

"Josh Zubkoff is a San Francisco based artist, producer, and sculptor whose work often explores the intersection of pop culture and the absurd. His early inspirations include Chuck Close, Charles Ray, Andy Warhol, and Claes Oldenburg.

He received his degree in studio art at UCSB. In 2008, Zubkoff received notoriety for his mural “Invisible Bike,” which was displayed on the side of a 3 story building in downtown San Francisco. It was picked up by Fark, Digg, Laughing Squid, Gawker, Telegraph, and Know Your Meme. His paintings and portraits can be found in several private collections including Koko the Gorilla.

Zubkoff wrote and produced a variety show on public access, “The Glorious Hole” in 2013-2014. Recent art exhibitions include Burning Man 2016, Breasts: An Art Exhibit of Form and Function, and the World’s Fair Nano. He is a 2017 Black Rock City Honoraria grant-winner for his piece, “Phoenicopterus Rex,” a 40-foot tall pink flamingo sculpture of steel and fiberglass, debuting late summer 2017."

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