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John Van Alstine
Sculptures by John Van Alstine seen at Michigan State University, East Lansing - FUNAMBULIST - wire walker

FUNAMBULIST - wire walker

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There is a large outdoor sculpture found at Michigan State University. Created by John Van Alstine, this piece is called FUNAMBULIST (red velum). It's a dynamic and graceful free-standing sculpture designed to catch the eyes and minds of its viewers and to reflect positively on the students of the school. It suggests great physical balance, agility and daring - like some circus performer. But the term Funambulist also and perhaps more poignantly, refers to metal agility.

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John Van Alstine

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"John Van Alstine (b. 1952), American sculptor living and working in Wells, NY in the Adirondack region of New York State best known for stone and metal abstract sculptures exhibiting exceptional balance and poise. The works are often multi level with references to the figure, classical, nautical, celestial and western mythological themes. On the most basic level, his work is about the marriage of natural with the human made. Stone is used as an assemblage method the way a welder uses steel, rather than in the traditional manner of subtraction.

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