Created and Sold by Jennifer Cecere

Jennifer Cecere

Double Doily

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Jennifer Cecere is a talented visual artist who created this doily-shaped bench at Civic Center Park. She seeks to highlight doily's diversity and its versatility aside from its original intended use to hide and protect worn furnishings. Double Doily is used for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy their refreshments while inside the park.

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Jennifer Cecere

Meet the Creator

"Jennifer Cecere’s artwork aims to integrate a feeling of domestic handiwork into the built environment. Doilies were invented by industrious women to hide and protect worn and frayed furnishings (maybe feelings too). Through the variety of materials that they can be made from, the ways in which they can be displayed, and their references to a variety of subject matter makes doilies very diverse. This double-sided, doily–shapedbench enlivens this small park in the midst of a busy thoroughfare and new construction by taking something intimate and domestic and placing it outdoors.The handicraft of the bench demonstrates a familiarity with domestic materials that ties us with our fragile environment and revives traditions that when integrated with art and architecture reflect our hopes and dreams."