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Graziella Laffi

Vessel (Vasija)

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Born in Florence, Italy, Graziella Laffi moved to Peru in the 1950w and began producing pieces in silver and mixed silver and gold. Her works of art include many sterling silver jewelry pieces in both modern and pre-Columbian designs. These vessels and jewelry pieces are on display at the Art of The Americas Building on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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Graziella Laffi

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"Spratling of Peru"

Graziella Laffi, often referred to as the “Spratling of Peru” designed and made exceptional silver hollowware and exquisite jewelry pieces in both modern and pre-Columbian designs. She was born in Florence, Italy but lived and worked in Peru and drew much inspiration from the country’s rich architectural past. Her works span from early 1950’s to early 1970’s.

Recently, the Graziella Laffi Private Collection has emerged and has sparked some interest. Her works of precious metal designs combined with geometric motifs is extraordinary. And some of these vessels are extremely unique and oversized.

Graziella Laffi, Artist b. 1923-2009