Sculptures by Gamelatron (Aaron Taylor Kuffner) seen at The Assemblage John Street, New York - Single Tone Mindfulness Sculpture Pulse: 82 Hertz

Single Tone Mindfulness Sculpture Pulse: 82 Hertz

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Forged Bronze Gong, Powder Coated Steel, Mechanical mallet, LED puck and microcontroller.

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Gamelatron (Aaron Taylor Kuffner)

Meet the Creator

A Gamelatron is a sound producing kinetic sculpture presented as site-specific installations, and stand alone art works by Sculptor and Composer Aaron Taylor Kuffner. Gamelatrons are made from forged bronze instruments derivative of Indonesia’s gamelan tradition, retrofitted with mechanical mallets on sculptural mounting systems. The pieces are connected to a physical computing system that transcribes digital compositions into an array of electrical pulsations that results in a ghostly musical automaton.