Sculptures by Eric Staller seen at TWIN21, Chūō-ku - Magic Garden

Magic Garden

Commissioned by Matsushita Investment and Development Co. for Twin 21 Plaza, Osaka, Japan. Consists of 16 domed artworks, each 2 meters (75"") in diameter, each with different contents.

Meet the Creator

Since 1990 I have been creating large-scale artworks in a wide variety of settings, employing a wide variety of materials and techniques. My work is created in a balance between my fantasy and the client’s reality. I study the site and its use, its history and its cultural context. I ask my client, and myself: ““what does a work of art want to be here?””

My public works have become more than artworks; they often become beloved places. They are about community. They get people talking. The playfulness of my work makes it accessible to a wide audience and not only to the Art World cognoscenti; at the same time my work can be read on a deeper level, as metaphors, inspiring and challenging.

Available for commission/custom work