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Created and Sold by Eric Staller

Eric Staller

Spirogyrate - Sculptures

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Eric Staller was commissioned by San Francisco Arts Commission to create SpiroGyrate, an interactive children's play area in Terminal 3 of San Francisco International Airport.

These twelve 56" (142 cm) spirals mesh and seemingly propel one another like so many gears, in an installation that begins on the floor and moves up the wall. Each of these spirals is laser-cut acrylic, and each of them is motorized to move clockwise and counter-clockwise in a slow and hypnotic fashion. The piece is interactive, beginning with the viewer's ability to walk and stand on the spirals. Motion sensors respond to people walking over the glass circles and activate color changes in the back-lit spirals.

Eric Staller
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
Since 1990 I have been creating large-scale artworks in a wide variety of settings, employing a wide variety of materials and techniques. My work is created in a balance between my fantasy and the client’s reality. I study the site and its use, its history and its cultural context. I ask my client, and myself: ““what does a work of art want to be here?””

My public works have become more than artworks; they often become beloved places. They are about community. They get people talking. The playfulness of my work makes it accessible to a wide audience and not only to the Art World cognoscenti; at the same time my work can be read on a deeper level, as metaphors, inspiring and challenging.