Sculptures by Elizabeth Gahan seen at South Park Community Center, Seattle - "Honeycomb"
Sculptures by Elizabeth Gahan seen at South Park Community Center, Seattle - "Honeycomb"
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Item "Honeycomb"
Created by Elizabeth Gahan

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"Honeycomb," corrugated plastic, vinyl, found materials & quotes, 168" x 96" x 60". Elizabeth Gahan's work viewed at South Park Community Center in Seattle. The plastic and vinyl structures clustered in the window emanate like both a honeycomb and a thought bubble from a kiosk. The kiosk provides comment sheets with a leading question asking viewers to share their thoughts on community and art. Viewers become active agents submitting written statements in Spanish and English that are then incorporated into the artwork throughout the duration of the installation. Initially, slivers of advertising peak out from several honeycomb facets. Then as more quotes from the community are added, the voice of the community fills up the empty spaces and far ought weighs the fractured ads. Then, as part of South Park's Fiestas Patrias, I hosted an art workshop in which children created drawings inspired by the festival and community. They were added to the windows surrounding the honeycomb structure and displayed for the rest of the exhibition.

Meet the Creator

Elizabeth Gahan

Seattle, WA

Elizabeth R Gahan is a Seattle-based artist. She grew up in San Diego, CA. She received dual undergraduate degrees in Global Studios and Fine Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a masters degree in Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University with an emphasis in painting. Gahan then attended a residency program at the Banff Centre, Canada to pursue installation art. Her current art practice combines 2D studio art and 3D installation art. Gahan currently works from a space at Equinox Studios in Georgetown, Seattle.

In 2014 Gahan was selected and recognized in the Americans for the Arts 2014 Public Art Network Year in Review. Gahan has been awarded multiple fellowships, grants and public commissions including, but not limited to Artist Trust GAP Grant, City of Seattle 1% for Arts, Seattle City Artist Project Grant, Seattle Storefronts, Tacoma Spaceworks, and Seattle Art Interruptions.

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