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Deedee Morrison
Sculptures by Deedee Morrison seen at Pioneer Library System - Southwest Oklahoma City Public Library, Oklahoma City - Borrowed Light
Sculptures by Deedee Morrison seen at Pioneer Library System - Southwest Oklahoma City Public Library, Oklahoma City - Borrowed Light

Borrowed Light

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Kinetic - Laser Cut, Powder Coated Aluminum with Choreographed LED Lights

Oklahoma City Public Art Program - 8.5’H x 5’D


The City of Oklahoma Percent for the Arts Program asked for a sculpture that would reflect the design principles of the newly constructed Southwest Library. Borrowed Light is 8-1/2 feet high and has five cylindrical columns that create a cloverleaf design. The kinetic sculpture is made from 12 sheets of industrial grade aluminum that are laser cut and welded over an internal armature for stability and support. LED floodlights are placed in the interior space of the sculpture, giving the sculpture an added dimension. Borrowed Light is kinetic sculpture that gracefully moves with the wind or by touch.


Borrowed Light is a kinetic light sculpture created by sculptor, Deedee Morrison and is scheduled for installation at the Southwest Oklahoma Library May 11, 2012. “Borrowed Light and is a visual metaphor for the many journey’s of enlightenment a reader can take within the pages of a book. The written word is the “borrowed light of inspiration” that allows a reader to travel the across the universe.”


When I begin creating a concept for public artwork, it is an evolutionary process. The request for proposal generally states the mission of the project and what is hoped to be achieved with the public art-piece. The journey begins as an artist, the moment I attempt to translate the project concept into a vision that can be realized into sculptural form. When the form is received and understood - then the process is successful and extremely rewarding for everyone involved along the way. “Ms. Morrison is known for creating thoughtful works of sculpture that speak to a community in deep and meaningful ways. Borrowed Light is no exception. The Pioneer Library System appreciates the City’s investment in this beautiful piece of public art for the Southwest Oklahoma City Library. We know it will be enjoyed by all who visit the library.” states Anne Masters, Director of the Pioneer Library System, Oklahoma City.

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Deedee Morrison

Meet the Creator

Deedee Morrison is a nationally known public artist working on the forefront of designing solar powered and LED sculptures to communicate public priorities and vision. Morrison’s work combines traditional sculpture construction methods with cutting-edge digital design and fabrication technology. As a sculptor and installation artist, Morrison’s work has been heavily influenced by her interest in industrial forms and light. As a result, a unique style has evolved that reflects an understanding of the natural world by incorporating industrial materials, computer numeric control cutting methods (CNC), and organically inspired designs to create solar powered LED light sculptures. By combining green consciousness with forward thinking and sustainable designs, these light sculptures pay tribute to nature’s beautiful efficiency.
Deedee Morrison has been working as a professional studio and public artist for over 15 years and during that period, she has had the privilege of working with libraries, schools, parks, cities and municipalities all over the country to envision public art that embodies the cultural expression, the character and purpose of the project. Morrison’s past experiences have facilitated an integrated approach to art planning which emphasizes active collaborations and partnerships with design teams, landscape architects, architects, engineers and the community as a whole.”

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