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Courtney Mattison
Sculptures by Courtney Mattison seen at Embassy of the United States of America - CONFLUENCE (our changing seas V)
Image credit: Amanda Brooks and Courtney Mattison

CONFLUENCE (our changing seas V)

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Confluence (Our Changing Seas V) 2018 by Courtney Mattison
glazed stoneware + porcelain
846 x 570 x 50 cm

Permanent Collection of the US Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia, Art in Embassies, US Department of State. Curated by Virginia Shore.

Confluence (Our Changing Seas V) pays homage to Indonesia’s coral reefs and the value they provide to Indonesians and the world. I hope that the idea of creating such a monumental, intricately hand-detailed ceramic coral reef sculptural installation inspires a sense of excitement in viewers about the connections we share to reefs while empowering individuals and policymakers to act to conserve.

This site-specific installation celebrates the fragile beauty, diversity and value of Indonesia’s vibrant reefs while highlighting the human-caused threats they face. Corals, anemones, sponges and other reef-dwelling invertebrates coalesce into a cyclone-like spiral with colorful healthy corals at the eye of the storm, their tentacles and branches dancing in the current. Toward the edges and tail of the swirling constellation, corals sicken and bleach, exposing their sterile white skeletons—a specter of what could be lost from climate change. Yet at its heart the reef remains healthy, resilient and harmonious.

Image by Amanda Brooks for Art in Embassies, US Department of State

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Courtney Mattison

Meet the Creator

Ceramic sculptor uniting art + science to conserve our changing seas

Courtney Mattison creates intricately detailed ceramic sculptural works inspired by the fragile beauty of coral reefs and the human-caused threats they face. Her work raises awareness for the protection of our blue planet, urging policymakers and the public to conserve our changing seas. Mattison’s delicate and large-scale ceramic sculptural installations have been commissioned for permanent collections including those of the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Art in Embassies, the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center and private patrons. Her work has been exhibited at prominent venues including the U.S. Department of Commerce headquarters, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the Whatcom Museum and the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Born in 1985 and raised in San Francisco, Mattison received an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in marine ecology and ceramic sculpture from Skidmore College in 2008 and a Master of Arts degree in environmental studies from Brown University with coursework at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. Her work has been featured by international outlets including Smithsonian Magazine; Good Morning America; Oprah Magazine; British Vogue; CNN Indonesia; BBC World Service and Science Magazine. She lives and works in Los Angeles.