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Cindy Hsu Zell
Sculptures by Cindy Hsu Zell - Squiggle Tassel Pair
Image credit: Sara Jaye Weiss

Squiggle Tassel Pair - Sculptures

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Squiggle Tassel Pair in the home of Gina Rodriguez-LoCicero @hereisgina styled by Squiggle Tassel Pair is an exploration of shape and material. It’s a tactile, interactive sculpture that the viewer is encouraged to brush. Made with spalted maple wood and 100% linen thread.

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Cindy Hsu Zell
Meet the Creator
Handmade sculptures using mindfully-sourced natural materials intended to last.

Cindy Hsu Zell is a multidisciplinary sculpture artist based in Los Angeles. Her latest collection of work features material-driven sculptures that explore gravity’s influence on form. Individual pieces serve as studies on curves, drape, weight, and movement, reinterpreting traditional techniques in rope-making.