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Charity White
Sculptures by Charity White seen at Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel, Milwaukee - The Dinner Table
Image credit: David Mitchell (first photograph), Guy Nicol

The Dinner Table

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Joanne is a retired nurse who loves basketball and the opera. Joanne attends her yearly high school reunion. Joanne cries every time she hears the star-spangled banner. Joanne and her husband Don bought their home on Potter Drive in the Fall of 1973, her 39th year. Joanne now sleeps alone in their room with the two twin beds. Joanne, the family cook, now relinquishes some control to her kitchen co-pilot. Joanne is the collector and sharer of family treasures, histories; some marked with age like the 2007 kibbeh she served from her freezer archives. Joanne strongly dislikes her best friend of fifty-eight years but does so silently due to a promise made on her mother’s deathbed. “Be good to her Joanie, she’s very lonely.” Joanne believes she was most beautiful after childbirth and the hardest moment in her life was coping with her father’s unexpected death.

John is a freemason, following in Don’s footsteps. John owns a condo less than a mile from the house on Potter Drive. John bakes the recipes of his mother, left to her by Sitto. John moved back to Potter Drive a decade ago after Don’s death and series of Joanne’s health scares. John sleeps in his childhood bedroom, instead of his condo, relinquishing his own space to his memorabilia. John votes Republican like his parents did before him and their parents did before them. John believes the world is fine the way it is, for him. Joanne is John’s best friend and they take care of each other. John believes he has yet to experience the hardest moment of his life.

Although all travels, events, visits, and TV time are shared, formal family dinner is held every Sunday consisting of either Lebanese inspired dishes passed down through generations, or salads with marshmallows along with butter-focused Americana classics. Timers are not used although dishes are occasionally forgotten. TV is on in the living room although no one is watching. The table is set with seasonal decorations and a tablecloth hand crocheted by Sitto covered in a thin plastic protective sheeting.

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Charity White

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My work explores questions of space, public policies, inclusion, exclusion, and privilege.

Charity White is a figurative ceramicist, artist educator, and community activist. She was raised in Oak Park, IL. She received two degrees from The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, a BFA in Crafts from in 2008 and a EdM in Art education in 2010. Her research is rooted in an interdisciplinary and social practice approach to art and art education. This has propelled her into a variety of academic realms including race relations, gender studies, religious studies, and socio-economics. Following the completion of her first masters she taught high school art in the South Side of Chicago and west suburbs. White received her Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of Florida in 2016. She is currently exhibiting nationally and living in Columbus, OH.

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