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Cecil Kemperink
Sculptures by Cecil Kemperink seen at Private Residence, Paris - Rhythm stoney grey

Rhythm stoney grey

Starts at $1,500

Commission time: 12-20 Weeks

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Creation: 12-20 weeks

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The sound you hear when you move this sculpture is amazing. When you move the sculpture, the sculpture is moving you.
The sizes are very flexible. Laying stretched out: 70x20x10 cm. Weight: 3,9 kg. Handmade and unique.
A rhythm sculpture in one colour and many different sizes of connected circles. This is stoneware in a special designed stoney grey colour.
The works are very strong despite the fragile looks; because of the firm shape of a circle: literally and figuratively as well.
Ceramics in motion
‘Motion is a key part of the expressiveness of my sculptures. Moving the sculptures leads to an ongoing change in shape, space, sound and feeling. Listen, see, feel and experience what happens when the sculptures dance and enjoy the moment’.
Please, take a look at my Instagram account for many movies about the flexibility of my work:

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Cecil Kemperink

Meet the Creator

Ceramics in motion

As a curious and sensitive child/teenager I followed many art and dance classes.
After one year at the fashion academy, I switched to visual arts, where the love to explore different materials was encouraged. After my graduation, I started with wheel throwing; that was the beginning of a deep understanding and eagerness to ‘talk’ with clay.
My sculptures are connections between my varied passions: textile, clay, dance, fashion and sculpture.
I love to explore space and play with rhythm, shape/form, movement, energy and sound. My work is telling you a story. Listen, see, feel and experience what happens when the sculptures move and enjoy the moment.

Cecil Kemperinks professional practice has taken her to exhibitions, performances and catwalk shows. Kemperink has exhibited in Taiwan - Milan (I) - South Korea (ROK) - Taiwan (TWN) - Mino Japan (J) - Vallauris (F) - and many other museums and galleries.
Her work can be found in the collections of: Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF collection), Taiwan Yingge ceramics museum, CODA museum (NL), The Foundation for Contemporary Ceramic Arts Kecskemét (HU), Ceramics Museum (NL) and many private collections.
Kemperink works en lives in Den Burg NL, where she continues to expand and enrich all our the senses.

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