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Craig Forget
WAVELENGTH | Sculptures by Craig Forget | Private Residence, Essex, Ontario in Essex
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WAVELENGTH - Sculptures


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I built this piece to be very unique in color and texture by using my collection of reclaimed wood that I have been curating for over 8 years. The wood pieces vary in depth and width which make it very appealing to the eye. The way that the light and dark pieces are oriented gives the impression of the color wavelength; dark, then light in sections gives the piece flow and one can imagine a rippling of light through the piece. It very difficult to understand that all the colors you see in this piece have not been stained or painted by me, what you are seeing is wood that has been aging for many years.
There are some pieces that have original iron oxide red paint that has been weathering outside for a very long time and it gives a dark burgundy red coloration. I also added pieces that had moss and lichen growing on the wood. There are various colors of greys and browns. By using so many ages and species of wood, I am able to present the wide range of colors that mother nature has provided.

This piece has been sealed with low VOC water based sealer to protect the piece without detracting from the aesthetics.

Please let me know if you will be mounting this Horizontal or vertical so I can make sure to install the hardware in proper spot.

The one in the picture measures 60" wide x 30" High x 2" deep
Each art piece is hand signed and dated in the back and I also make a custom made laser engraved wood name tag on the side of the piece

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Craig Forget
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All my art pieces are made using very old wood from barns and homes taken down in my area.

Hi My name is Craig Forget and I am a reclaimed wood artist

I feel that I am part of the large art movement that has been growing in the Detroit and Windsor area, it is great to be part of this movement. It is also great to be able to express myself through art. I am in it for the long haul, I believe in producing the most unique art pieces with the most unique wood that I can find. I always feel that it is the old, reclaimed wood that makes my pieces unique.

I have been influenced by woodworking from a very young age and recently I have found my true passion for building unique artwork and furniture out of reclaimed barn wood. What I love about the materials that I work with is that you never know what types of wood you are going to find in the local barns that range from 80 to 200 years of age. You could say I am like a kid in a candy store.

What makes my artwork and furniture so unique is that I am always on the hunt for unique types of wood that will create an impressive piece. I especially enjoy working with wood that is bursting with character. There are no faux finishes in the world that can duplicate the colors and textures that Mother Nature creates, 95% to 100% of the colors you see on my art pieces have not been stained what you see is the natural color of the wood. When wood is aged for 80 to 100 years, it turns naturally dark in color.
The darker brown natural woods were those aged within a barn, while grey boards have been weathered outside.
When you are buying one of my pieces, you are also buying a piece of Pioneer history, when power tools were almost non-existent.