Sculptures by Barton Rubenstein seen at Flats 8300, Bethesda - Ray of Light
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Item Ray of Light
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Ray of Light is a stainless Steel water Sculpture created by Barton Rubenstein. Found at Flats 8300, this piece measures 70”H x 38”W x 18”D. Like rays of light, this sculpture rises boldly with strong vertical lines that fan upwards and outwards. Water passes over the top edges and glides down the sculpture’s surfaces. With its brushed finish, “Ray of Light” emits a brilliant shimmering light, magnified by its multiple articulated surfaces. It is situated at the end of a partially enclosed public plaza surrounded by apartments and retail.

Meet the Creator

Barton Rubenstein

Barton Rubenstein


Barton Rubenstein is an internationally renowned sculptor, scientist and activist. He has completed over 80 public art projects around the world, including city and state projects, parks, corporate, commercial and academic institutions, as well as private residences. He typically works with stainless steel and bronze. Fascinated with various elements of nature, Rubenstein focuses on water, kinetics, light, and suspension.

The goal of my artwork is first to create a level of intrigue, and then to allow for the gradual discovery of its secrets and complexities.”

Available for commission/custom work