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Gazelle Girl | Sculptures by Anyuta Studio
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Gazelle Girl - Sculptures

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The Gazelle Girl is a one of a kind original multimedia sculpture (metal, gypsum-paper composite, fiberglass, acrylic). It's dimensions are 92 x 37 x 28 inches including purple wood base. The piece was inspired on one hand by mythological characters which combine human and animal features. The other inspiration was a little African antelope Gazelle with its graceful slender body, beautifully curved horns and long eyelashes. So one day I thought: If a gazelle was a human girl, how would she look like? The surface decoration - black background and hand-painted golden pattern - is inspired by European golden embroidery tradition including the one of Spanish bullfighters' costume.

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Sculptures, paintings, porcelain and ceramic creations inspired by fantastical beasts, humans and toys!

I create fantastical worlds inhabited with mythical creatures and toy-like characters. My fantasies are inspired by all the beautiful things in the world and also by magical stories. Then they take a shape of sculptures, paintings, drawings, ceramic and porcelain creations.
I have always been a dreamer. In my early childhood I discovered that my dreams were much more powerful if I gave them a material form, so I began putting pencil to paper. Then, I could share my dreams with others. My first audience were my fellow kindergarten girls, who lined up for a drawing of a princess. I also discovered that beauty of any sort made me happy. Beautiful flowers, animals, songs or even beautiful thoughts filled my heart with joy of existence. It was even better when I managed to create something myself which was pleasing to the eye. I felt that this way I was adding to the world’s beauty. I devoted many years to studying art including classical and folk art in order to obtain knowledge and skills of creating harmonious things. First, I learnt how nature does it by creating representational imagery of a natural object. But then I wanted to go beyond that. I started stylizing my subject matter, mixing genres, materials, mediums, concepts, contexts and so on. After cooking it altogether in my artistic kitchen, I came up with a style of art that is joyful, playful and colorful like a toy but deep and profound at the same time.