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Andy Arkley
Sculptures by Andy Arkley seen at Seattle Center, Seattle - FINGER POWER
Image credit: David Wentworth & Stephen Vest


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FINGER POWER! was 2014 site-specific interactive installation at Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington for Bumbershoot festival in collaboration with LET'S (Andy Arkley, Courtney Barnebey & Peter Lynch). FINGER POWER! had six color stations: red, green, blue, yellow, violet, and orange. Each station had two buttons that controlled sculptures and videos of the corresponding color. When a button was held down, a musical loop was triggered which animated lights on the sculptures. There were 12 different musical loops of varying lengths. Depending on the combination of buttons pressed, a different song was created each time. The color stations also controlled videos of the corresponding color that appeared on the large pyramid and the circular side screens. Video of piece here:

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Andy Arkley

Meet the Creator

Andy Arkley is a visual artist, designer, musician and animator. He strives to make work that fosters inclusion, positivity, and elation. His work has been shown at various places including the wndr musuem, The Bellevue Art Museum, MadArt Studio, Pictoplasma and Bumbershoot. He has a BA from The Evergreen State College where he studied animation and electronic music

He was a founder/member of the art team LET'S between 2013-2017.

He is founder/member of the band The Bran Flakes.

He is married to the artist Julie Alpert. They have two cats, Koala and Coconut.