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Andre Woolery

Too Many Buttons to Button

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“Too Many Buttons to Button”, one of Andre Woolery's public art commissions, is composed of custom colored red buttons arranged onto a canvas to create an abstract design. It hangs in the Renaissance New York Midtown's entrance. It is a large sculpture in the form of a needle threading a button. Andre is well-versed in seducing eyewitnesses through the use of striking colors, subject matter, and composition.

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Andre Woolery

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Andre Woolery grew up between Morristown, NJ and St. Ann, Jamaica. The stark contrast in racial demography between the two made him acutely sensitive to the role race plays in forming an individual’s sense of personal identity, history, and culture. His work is grounded in this perspective.

After earning a degree in Computer Science from Duke University, Andre moved to New York and began a career in advertising, helping companies use digital technology to reach a wider audience for their brands. In 2009, Andre took a month-long sabbatical from his job to explore his artistic pursuits – and within days, he had rediscovered his passion for oil painting. Two years later, having simultaneously maintained a full-time and award-winning advertising career, he had created a small but cohesive collection of work he felt might be worthy of presentation.

A handful of years later, Andre has made a name for himself as an emerging young talent, and his work has been exhibited in New York and elsewhere, including: the “eMerge: Danny Simmons and Artists on the Cusp” and “Art in Flux” shows in Harlem, NY; a solo exhibition at the FrontRunner Gallery in Manhattan, NY; and the BIT Conference at SXSW in Austin, TX. Most recently, his paintings were featured at the 2014 Jamaica Biennial in Kingston, Jamaica.

Andre is predominantly viewed as a “visual storyteller,” heavily influenced by his background in technology, the Black experience, and themes such as the pixilation of imagery and analog vs. digital media. His paintings are "simple seduction". He uses simple elements that can convey an immediate message while still offering more if you fully engage. Upon engagement, viewers will be seduced through the use of striking colors, subject matter, and composition. This approach brought his art to a broader, unsuspecting audience.

Andre currently travels between New York and Jamaica.

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