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Adam Knoche
Sculptures by Adam Knoche seen at One Arts Plaza, Dallas - Glacial Milk

Glacial Milk

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Porcelain, glaze, acrylic. 24"x12"x16", 2018. This piece was created using a pulverized powdered clay ram pressing technique. The materials were ram pressed into a ceramic paper fiber mold and fired to cone 6 in oxidation. During the firing I broke open the mold to allow the clay and glaze to flow out freely to replicate the melt of a glacier.

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Adam Knoche

Meet the Creator

But beauty found in Adam’s work is not associated with the glittery gold of the fallacies of our everyday experience, but in the sincerity of the reflection of what we are and where we are today.

Adam holds a Masters of Fine Art Degree in Studio Art. Adams work has been published in Architectural Digest Middle East, Monthly Design in South Korea, Voyage Dallas, Ceramics monthly 2018 and 2019, Design Anthology UK, Saber y Sabor in Spain, and Sensa in Croatia.
Adams work and research is based on material and experimentation. The use of pulverized clay ram pressed into mold is a direct reference to time spent in Australia and Europe. Adams work speaks to the natural world while creating objects of contemplation and expression.