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Created and Sold by CHIAOZZA

Paper Islands | Sculptures by CHIAOZZA | Long Island University Brooklyn in Brooklyn

Paper Islands - Sculptures

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Item details

Paper Islands
Papier-mâché, acrylic paint, painted paper,
painted MDF pedestals
Dimensions variable

Solo exhibition
Humanities Gallery
Long Island University
Brooklyn, NY
Curated by Paul Laster
Photography by Mike Vorrasi

Paper Islands is series of painted papier-mâché sculptures that explore the imagery of imaginary plants and geological formations through accretion of form and material. The lumpy, crude paper forms emerge from armatures amassed from crumpled paper, cardboard tubes, variously shaped balloons, and other materials, that are then “skinned” with layers of papier-mâché and gesso. The surface of the sculpture becomes a three-dimensional canvas for discovering color and seeking magic, richness, and playfulness in a new picture plane. Painted paper elements sprouting from bulbous extremities augment the feeling of growth and accretion, referencing innate potentiality within these fabled objects. At once scaleless and exuberant, the paper sculptures seek an underlying primal form that exists across plant, animal, rock, and landmass.

This exhibition was supported in part by The Puffin Foundation.

Context & Credits