Sconces by Blom & Blom seen at Livingreen Design, Loanhead - Woodpecker
Sconces by Blom & Blom seen at Livingreen Design, Loanhead - WoodpeckerSconces by Blom & Blom seen at Livingreen Design, Loanhead - Woodpecker
The rich tones of the brass tube, almost turning into gold, accentuate its elegance. It creates a real statement on the wall.

Meet the Creator

"Blom & Blom is about two brothers who share a passion for unique items. Epic in their origin and design, and each with its own story to tell. Items often overlooked but always with a hidden potential, calling out to be discovered and appreciated. Items so special that they deserve a new life.

We craft lighting fixtures inspired by our fascination with industrial artifacts. Our Heritage Collection offers a selection of distinctive lamps recovered from abandoned factories, and carefully restored with respect for their past. Each comes with a ‘passport’, sharing its own unique history.

Under the name ‘Blom & Blom Editions’, we also present our own creations. With this singular collection, we transform ‘ordinary’ industrial objects into phenomenal design. By taking them beyond their original purpose and into a new dimension, we aim to reveal the essence and purity of the object itself.

All of our pieces are handcrafted in Amsterdam by a team of craftsmen, designers and engineers. We also develop bespoke lighting concepts for architects and interior designers, and enjoy seeing our work come to life in interiors around the world."

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