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Sconces by Pandemic Design Studio seen at Philadelphia, Philadelphia - Modern Industrial Wall Sconce - Pandemic Design Studio
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Modern Industrial Wall Sconce - Pandemic Design Studio

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For your consideration is one Glowworm Sconce including bulb and ready to install wiring.

Dimensions: H: 17” x W: 4.5“ x D: 5”

All lighting in the Industrial Evolution Collection uses UL Listed components but they themselves are not UL Listed.

The Industrial Evolution Lighting Collection is an imaginative and dark projection of a post apocalyptic future where the human species has lost control over what it had previously manufactured. The products of industry that were formally used as vital pieces in the construction of the human’s built environment are now alive and have begun to assemble, grow, and think independently from their original creator. Evolution is rapidly taking place. Fruit or larva is present, indicating that they are now capable of reproducing. Bio-luminescent features activated only in response to human touch have been discovered. Although a strong exoskeleton is apparent in all forms, cantilevered limbs and extensions suggest the presence of either a rooted substructure and vehicle to acquire sustenance or an additional internal structural or balancing system.

Though relatively simple in shape compared to its relatives, The Glow Worm exhibits new documented evolutionary breakthroughs in orientation. The Glowworm is the first discovered in The Industrial Evolution Collection to have evolved in such a way that it is capable of deciding which direction to display its light module. Researchers are still unable to pinpoint exactly why it chooses the orientation it does in different environments.

Each sconce can be hard wired into the wall which will act the same as plugging it into the wall except that there will not be a visible cord. Please consult an electrician.

Sconces can be hard wired into the wall and can be controlled by a dimmer switch on the wall. Please consult an electrician.

Sconces will fit on any commercially available round plastic or metal electrical box in The US.

Patented in The US and Foreign Countries

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Creation: 2-3 weeks

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