Rugs by Lucy Tupu Studio, as seen in New York, New York, NY

Rugs by Lucy Tupu Studio seen at New York, New York - Neiman Marcus-The Zodiac Room
Rugs by Lucy Tupu Studio seen at New York, New York - Neiman Marcus-The Zodiac Room

Neiman Marcus-The Zodiac Room

Hudson Yards is the biggest, private real estate development in the U.S... and now home to three of Lucy Tupu's bespoke inset carpets. Custom-fitted for The Zodiac Room – Neiman Marcus' fine-dining restaurant – these hand-tufted rugs in NZ wool and nylon are subtle accents to this modern Manhattan space. Lucy Tupu Studio's project with AvroKO's design team.

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inNew York, New York, NY

Meet the Creator

Lucy Tupu is a classically trained Industrial Designer with over 20 years of experience produces bespoke rugs, carpets, furniture and lighting. She has lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

The New York City-based design studio, Lucy Tupu LLC, was founded in late 2015 and her debut collection was launched in May 2016 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).

Lucy is influenced by her Samoan and New Zealand roots, which epitomize her trademark aesthetic of clean, sophisticated pieces with vibrant, graphic and playful touches that reflect both her cultural heritage and warm, energetic personality.

​In addition, Lucy produces a significant amount of bespoke pieces for clients with varying budgets. On every project, she is a design partner first and foremost - drawing on a rich, creative background spanning over two decades. Partnering closely with the client at every phase of the process, Lucy leverages a diverse set of materials and fabrication techniques to realize their unique vision.