Radici Carpet

Rugs by Fyber, in LOCK the clubBudapest, Hungary

Rugs by Fyber seen at LOCK the club, Budapest - Radici Carpet
Rugs by Fyber seen at LOCK the club, Budapest - Radici CarpetRugs by Fyber seen at LOCK the club, Budapest - Radici CarpetRugs by Fyber seen at LOCK the club, Budapest - Radici Carpet
Featuring our Radici carpet in LOCK, Budapest! Designed by architecture and interior design firm este’r partners, the exclusive night club was inspired to emulate the city's unique personality.

Meet the Creator

"Offering infinite softness and infinite comfort
A dedication to Form, Function Feel through Innovation Style Quality.

Fyber was founded to offer the Asia Pacific the carpet innovations and colours that – over decades – other local manufacturers simply have not. The Fyber team is deeply experienced in both the flooring industry and technologically advanced manufacturing. To create unique lines for Fyber’s flagship Envy label, its product developers collaborated alongside European designers and manufacturers. When they are satisfied, Fyber’s developer's commission carpets in striking new colours and finishes, each crafted from cutting-edge textiles using innovative approaches. The result is something revolutionary and never seen before. When a client steps onto a Fyber carpet, they feel the difference immediately. It is a sense of outstanding quality they will enjoy for years to come. Satisfaction through indulgence is not a sin.

Fyber is the natural choice for leading interior designers seeking to evoke a distinctive, luxurious style. Fyber carpets suit:

Exclusive homes whose owners want to express their surpassing taste
High performing boardrooms where only the best will do
Places of worship where the carpets must last and look good for decades
Hotels that uphold a reputation for superior luxury
New properties developed specifically for the high-end.

Quality foremost

Fyber places the quality and style of its high-density Envy carpets first. It chooses not to compete on price.

This dedication to let excellence stand over all other concerns underlines Fyber’s claim as something truly different.

Be among the first in the Asia Pacific to know what infinite softness and infinite comfort in carpet really mean."

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