Public Sculptures by Studio JT Pty Ltd seen at Omachi, Omachi - Arc ZERO - Nimbus
Public Sculptures by Studio JT Pty Ltd seen at Omachi, Omachi - Arc ZERO - Nimbus
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Item Arc ZERO - Nimbus
As seen in Omachi, Omachi, Japan

Arc ZERO - Nimbus

Public Sculptures by Studio JT Pty Ltd, as seen in Omachi, Omachi, Japan

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Arc ZERO - Nimbus (2017) commissioned as a temporary artwork for Japan Alps Art Festival. 6M diameter. Mist, Light, steel, pumps, nozzles.

Situated at the entrance to an important local Buddhist Temple, Hotokizaki Kanon-ji, a delicate yet imposing artwork beckons viewers along the pathway leading to the temple grounds. A ring of mist encircles a bridge that crosses the little river below, the source of the mist. The source of the river itself is nearby, up in the mountains where the snow is still melting. The shape of the work represents the cyclical journey of the water, through all states, down the mountain, and back up again as evaporated mist. While the experience of the work is one of crossing a threshold, of passing through a significant space both physically and internally, as you enter the Temple grounds.
During the day the mist plays with the ambient conditions to produce crepuscular rays throughout the site, and rainbows around the viewer, while in the darker hours the mist is illuminated from lighting embedded within the structure, taking on a fiery glow.
The Japan Alps Art Festival’s inaugural event in 2017 was held in and around the town of Omachi in the spectacular Japan Alps area...

Special thanks to Art Front Gallery and the Australian Embassy, Tokyo.

Meet the Creator

Studio JT Pty Ltd

Studio JT Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Australia

Australian Land and Light Artist

As a contemporary land artist I work primarily outdoors, in the public realm, though often quite remote. My works are site specific, even site-determined and fuse simple materials and aesthetics with localized natural phenomena and light. Often I will create an installation and adapt it to a number of sites, creating subtly (sometimes profoundly) different experiences. I work in a reductive way – eliminating unnecessary visual material and aesthetic baggage to communicate a sense of the sublime as directly as possible. The experiences of my work are felt as much as they are observed and remind us how our modes of perception are merely a choice.
I use a wide variety of materials and methods to create my works, as the creative process changes between projects. The site determines the idea, the idea then determines the materials and methodology. For the past few years my materials have become ever more soft, none mores-o than light, which I pair with water and wind to explore their relationship and how the experience of these things can be more than just visual. I try to create bodily experiences, stimulating all senses. As this approach tends to produce more ephemeral works that are best temporary, I bridge this approach with a strong architectural sensibility and years of experience working with more robust building materials to create permanent public works. This synergy of natural aesthetics and a heightened sensitivity of space is my niche.

Available for commission/custom work

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