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Created and Sold by Michelle Greene

Michelle Greene

Railriders Throne - Public Sculptures

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I want my art to entice interaction. People are usually complaining when they just a miss a train. While in the station, I overheard a woman complaining because the train was already there. As she ran for the train, she was upset that she missed out on sitting in the Throne that day.
Made my day.

Michelle Greene
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
My Public Art entices both visual and physical interaction in unexpected places.

I have created 3 Public Art Projects for the City of New York.
At the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I designed and fabricated “The Brooklyn Navy Yard Park” and the "Railroad Track bike/motorcycle Racks ”. The industrial beauty and history of the Yard inspired both these projects. I enjoy reinterpreting the past in a new and unique way that becomes part of the present.
Railriders Throne is in the permanent collection of the MTA. Located on the downtown platform at Columbia University, it was inspired by the original tile work in the station. For the NYC subway, I wanted to create a whimsical piece for people to sit on while they await the train.