Created and Sold by Linda-Saskia Menczel

Linda-Saskia Menczel
Public Sculptures by Linda-Saskia Menczel seen at Casa Politehnicii 2, Timișoara - Bust of Dean Ioan Anton

Bust of Dean Ioan Anton

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Bronze bust

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Linda-Saskia Menczel

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Bronze and stone artwork

Monumental work:
Monumental Work/ Public Art: 2019 Bust of Silviu Bejan, C. D. Loga National College, Timisoara, Ro
2019 Bust of C.D. Loga, C. D. Loga National College, Timisoara, Ro
2013 ‘Meeting yourself’, private collection, Ro 2013 Bust of Dean Ioan Anton’ Timisoara Technical Institute, Ro 2009 'The Story of Adam' Triade Sculpture Park, Timisoara, Ro 2009 Bust of Prince Eugene of Savoy, Central park, Timisoara, Ro 2005 ‘The Cube’ Fountain, Plevnei Square, Timisoara, Ro 2004 ‘5’ Muvezstelep Congrag, Hungaria/ 1998 ‘Golgotha’, Triade Collection, Timişoara, Ro