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Created and Sold by Kipp Kobayashi

Kipp Kobayashi

Plantings - Public Sculptures

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Artist designed seating areas for the MTA Metro Center Station in downtown Los Angeles - a darkened subterranean stop located below the historic Fine Arts Building. The station design was subtly built upon minimalist interpretations of the work of Ernest Batchelder featured in the upstairs lobby and it was our intent to bring these elements back to the forefront by working through these levels of abstraction in a reverse manner. The result is an unexpected park-like setting that offers commuters an opportunity to sit in the beautifully dappled light cast by imaginary trees. (Additional partners: Noel Korten, Marta Perlas)

Item Plantings
Created by Kipp Kobayashi
As seen in Metro Center Station, Los Angeles, CA
Kipp Kobayashi
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
As an artist and urban designer, Kipp Kobayashi has a keen interest in the nature of human interaction in our public environments and is in constant search for ways to initiate dialogue and to promote sociability within these spaces. His work explores how these overlapping narrative threads merge with the physical characteristics of a specific environment, transforming them into living and unique entities composed of our thoughts, actions and experiences.

In a career spanning nearly two decades, Kobayashi has created projects and presented ideas for cities across the nation and for such organizations as the Getty Museum, the Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Sound Transit and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority. In addition, he is an elected member of the Public Art Network Advisory Council which provides recommendations and insight to Americans for the Arts for the development and execution of public art services and resources. Based in Los Angeles, he received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, an MFA from the University of Southern California and has taught extensively in the Urban and Regional Planning department at the Cal Poly Pomona School of Environmental Design.