Public Sculptures by Kathy Ruttenberg seen at West 96th Street, New York - Snail's Pace
West 96th Street, New York, NY
An encapsulated figure, digested by a snail, raises the issue of the pace of the city, a nightmare for the urbanite. The figure, isolated in the shell and without a cell phone to call out for help, emphasizes the isolation of those who can’t keep up the pace. The speed at which the human race digests and disposes gives not a second to stand still and reflect. The sculpture captures the disturbing moment of withdrawal when the cell phone is put down and the computer is unplugged. We have acclimated to a breakneck speed; dinner with an intimate often includes sending emails and texts; urbanites walk down the street oblivious to the world around them… all the new normal. Perhaps it is better to be in the “bubble,” moving like a snail, protected from life’s hectic pace.

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