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Created and Sold by INCIPIO MODO

Ascension | Public Sculptures by INCIPIO MODO
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Image credit: Evan Buhler
Ascension | Public Sculptures by INCIPIO MODO
Ascension | Public Sculptures by INCIPIO MODO
Ascension | Public Sculptures by INCIPIO MODO
Ascension | Public Sculptures by INCIPIO MODO
Ascension | Public Sculptures by INCIPIO MODO

Ascension - Public Sculptures

Featured In Newport, MN

Poetic Park Plaza is an Urban Oasis in the middle of the city where two insects make their way to the top of an Alberta landscape. Aware only of their ascension, they walk in a straight line- one behind the other, toward the summit. Around them the city is in constant movement- trains and cars come and go. They are a constant presence in a habitat that changes with every pulse of the city.
Each insect consists of three sections that assemble to form the sculpture. The bodies are designed with a ball-socket system to optimize the movement of each insect and its adaptation to the irregular surface. The more irregular the terrain, the more alive and harmonious the insect becomes. The inversion of scale in Poetic Park echoes some of the principles of the neighboring Buddhist Monastery. The ascension of these insects and the way they interact with their environment creates a moment; it speaks about the value of life at every level, in every instant. This notion can be experienced from within the plaza, from a distance and the neighboring high- rise buildings.

Item Ascension
As seen in 4th Avenue & 9th Street, Newport, MN
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Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
INCIPIO MODO is an artist collective made up of two sculptors, Danira Miralda and Edward
Beltran. The collective was born in the streets of Mexico City in the heart of the Roma district when, in 2007 the artists were awarded a government grant for a public art project which consisted in adapting a Japanese trolley to use as their sculpture studio for the following three years. The trolley, permanently parked in front of Plaza Luis Cabrera, served as a means to unveil and expose the production of sculpture to the community with the aim of edifying, delighting
and creating awareness among the citizens of such a huge and chaotic city.

A dialogue between the artists and the community was established and art was able to reach even those who would not otherwise venture into a space related to this kind of activity. The outside of the trolley served as a forum for public art and was redesigned by international installation and graffiti artists approximately every 6 to 9 months: Edge and Above, San Francisco, California (2007); Knitta Please, Houston,Texas (2008); Seher &Sam Flores, San Antonio, TX (2009). In this space the artists produced their individual studio work as well as public and private commissions.

Danira Miralda studied sculpture in the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City and spent 4
years as an apprentice in the studio of sculptor Enrique Miralda. Edward Beltran studied sculpture in the Ex Convento de San Agustin, in Salamanca and spent 2 years in a residency- scholarship in the studio of Sculptor, Javier Marin, in Mexico City.