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Foster Willey
Public Sculptures by Foster Willey seen at Nicollet Commons Park, Burnsville, MN, Burnsville - Ascent Fountain 2016

Ascent Fountain 2016

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ASCENT FOUNTAIN is an exciting addition to the dynamic design of Nicollet Commons Park. Located in front of the Ames Center for the Performing Arts, Ascent Fountain is an eighteen-foot-high sculpture that features three sculpted eagles cast in bronze that appear to soar through an elegantly designed stainless steel trellis. Bronze fish at the base of the fountain circle through sprays of water and echo the rhythm of the parks water feature. The fish complete the symbolic representation of evolving fauna and the cycles of nature, depicted throughout Nicollet Commons Park watercourse.

Dedicated to the memory of Ken Slipka the former President of the Burnsville Community Foundation, the foundation describes Ascent Fountain as “ honoring service to the community in the way it speaks to the accomplishments of goals, as well as the motivation and mentoring of others. The soaring eagles symbolize the synergies that lift and encourage the aspirations of others.”

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Foster Willey

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"I have been creating work in the public art realm for the past twenty years. My work encompasses large-scale projects for various municipalities and design settings including commissions in bronze, fabricated metal, pre-cast concrete, terra cotta, and stone. I am very interested in the built environment as a context for public art; where sculpture and design meet to enrich daily life. My work as a public artist is adapted to the specifics of the opportunity. As a sculptor, I am able to bring a range of design and fabrication skills to any public art project. My sculptural designs supplement a collaborative process that includes a community’s voice.

I am committed to the role of public art as the synthesis of artistic vision, community and urban design."