Created and Sold by April Wagner, epiphany studios

April Wagner, epiphany studios
Public Sculptures by April Wagner, epiphany studios seen at Cobo Center, Detroit - Solstice
Image credit: Jeff Garland Photography


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Solstice resides outside the Junior Ballroom in Cobo Hall. This custom sculpture was commissioned to represent the breadth and quality of regional artists. April envisioned it as a representation of spirit of the city of Detroit and the Detroit River. Solstice brings the experience of the outdoors into the space, using organic shapes to create a scene from nature. It also creates an interesting interplay between abstraction, and representation.

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April Wagner, epiphany studios

Meet the Creator

I am a maker of objects. Since I was young I’ve always had a desire to make things with my hands. It’s visceral and primitive and fundamental. If you ask me as an artist why I make something, I’ll tell you I had to do it – I couldn’t not do it. It is as necessary to me as breathing. Each piece I create is a part of me brought to life and given to the viewer. Whether deemed successful or not, I continue creating."

April Wagner is the owner of epiphany studios in Pontiac, MI, the largest private hot glass blowing studio in the Midwest. Her work is shown in over 300 galleries worldwide and is featured in numerous public, private, and corporate collections, including GM, Pfizer, Strategic Staffing Solutions, The Townsend Hotel, and The Four Seasons Resorts.